Bryony Twydle, known professionally as Bryony Twydle, was born in the late 20th Century in the sleepy village of Buckinghamshire.

At a young age it was clear that she was only a few years old, although as she grew older the accuracy of this fact diminished.

Indeed, by the age of 2009 (Jesus’s age, not Bryony’s) she was attending Exeter University, studying Drama by carefully dissecting it with a scalpel and tongs. Years later Bryony would discover that she had misunderstood what drama was and was in fact butchering a small vole.

Upon graduation from Exeter, Bryony took a year out, working primarily in a London pharmacy. She soon realised that pharming was not for her and attended the Guildford School of Acting in or around Guildford, where she learnt acting by butchering two frogs and a hamster.

Bryony left Guildford as an actress and immediately returned to her job at the pharmacy. She now works as a pie-seller, a children's entertainer and a sandwich artist, which is very similar to being a normal artist except your canvas is bread and your watercolours are tears.

In recent years, to improve her ability as an actress, Bryony decided she should go to Asia and discover herself. Unfortunately all which she discovered was irritable bowel syndrome.

Bryony is also a comedian, but if you cared about that you’d have clicked on the comedy tab.

She was moved to create this website as it seemed everyone else had a website and why shouldn’t she have one too. Hopefully, if you’re reading this, you’re in charge of comedy somewhere, but statistically you're more likely to be Bryony’s mum. Hello Claire.